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Welcome to RationalWikiWiki
A Wiki on RationalWiki
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Hello, dear user! And welcome to the looking-glass world of RationalWikiWiki, a wiki all about RationalWiki.

Main Policy

You may find an article about yourself here. It is highly unlikely that the article will be completely (or even slightly) complimentary. But if you edit your own article to show yourself in a better light then you are officially a really sad person, you may get blocked and the article may be locked. You are, however, encouraged to whinge pathetically about it on the talk page as:

  • That will tell us that we are doing our job.
  • Reading people's whinging is always amusing.
Please read the full version of this policy, RationalWikiWiki:Editing your own article.



This wiki used to use a bizarre dating scheme, where one day on RationalWiki was measured as one year, but this has been dropped as impractical. If you see any bizarre numbers given as dates (i.e., "year 1854"), it is probably remnants from the old calender. Please change these to normal dates if found.

RationalWikiWiki Disclaimer

RationalWikiWiki is in no way officially endorsed, supported, or, recommended by RationalWiki. Any complaints with this website should be taken up with the two predominant editors of this site -- FalseFlag and Hans Johnson -- rather than at RationalWiki. Human of RationalWiki fame also edits here, but please address RationalWikiWiki-related issues only on his talk page here, and not on RationalWiki.


RationalWiki is possibly the best website ever made by man God himself. Anyone who reads this page should probably donate money to RationalWiki. We mean that. Because believe it or not, we our goal is to help the RationalWiki. We do this in three ways.

Identify groupthink

Many of the good folks at RationalWiki share a similar world-view, and many of the more established users also share a common heritage following their experiences at CP. This can lead them to close ranks without really thinking of the consequences. An example of this would be the Fuck You Too Incident.

Identify sysop abuse

Sysops on RationalWiki were originally intended to (a) be given minimal control over site matters, and (b) sysops are janitors, not administrators. The reality is turning out to be somewhat different, however. Sysops do have power -- the power to block other users. By identifying the use of malicious blocks, RationalWikiWiki seeks to keep that power in check.

Observe conflict resolution procedures

RationalWiki doesn't really have a conflict resolution procedure -- they have to use Headless Chicken Mode to sort things out. We help them by offering an outside view of the infighting.

How I Found RationalWikiWiki

Tell us how you found RationalWikiWiki here!

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