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 Joined: 5-22-07[1]
 Real name: Dr. Peter A. Lipson.[2]
 Age range: early middle
 Gender: male
 Locale: midwest United States..
 Stance: atheist (tolerant)
 Misc.: Jewish; Doctor (despite redundancy of phrase); married w/ child(ren)
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PalMD is the fourteenth user who appeared in the user creation logs on Creation Day. Also notable for being mistakenly credited with founding RationalWiki by the Los Angeles Times.[2]

Apparently, he is a real doctor (of internal medicine, specifically). His sad fixation with goats may well lead to the premature end of his medical career, however.

Notes and references

  1. User creation log for PalMD.
  2. PalMD's real name mentioned on RationalWiki.
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