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 Joined: 5-21-07[1]
 Real name: n/a
 Age range: n/a
 Gender: Male
 Locale: Alaska,[2] United States
 Stance: n/a
 Misc.: n/a
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Icewedge is the third user who appeared in the user creation logs in 1784, and is probably one of the cabal members. Initially known as the "Scourge of Conservapedia" for his epic vandal attacks, he seemed to turn over a new leaf and devote his time to articles debunking things such as Young Earth Creationism. He rarely edits nowadays, however.

Icewedge has a poor ability to reciprocate communication. His talk page (check the archives) it littered with unanswered comments and questions from other users. Neither does he answer his Wikipedia talk page. Repeatedly spammed links to RationalWiki on Wikipedia's Conservapedia article[3], making only a token effort to discuss why, despite it being generally accepted that Wikipedia would not have a link to RW.

Notes and references

  1. User creation log for Icewedge.
  2. They have internet up there?
  3. [1] User:Fredrick day: "...we've discussed this to death - it's already mentioned in the article in the proper context, so that spamtastic EL is not required..." [italics mine--Ed.].
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