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 Joined: 5-21-07[1]
 Real name: n/a
 Age range: n/a
 Gender: male
 Locale: n/a
 Stance: n/a
 Misc.: n/a
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Helios was the fourth user to appear in the user creation logs on Creation Day, and is probably one of the cabal members.

A somewhat enigmatic user who may be a sock (although it seems highly unlikely that a sock would be created before almost any other user). Helios is suspected of having had multiple socks on conservapedia, but gave up after he realized that preaching logic to Conservapedia was like preaching a bacon cheeseburger to an anorexic movie star.

Helios is indifferently respected for repeatedly displaying his vast intellect and divine power by outsmarting TK and other slightly more competent Conservapedians.

Notes and references

  1. User creation log for Helios.
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