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The original founding terrorist members at RationalWiki.



According to RationalWiki:

The Hidden Forum is an uber-top secret forum hidden from public view that has been used in the past by some members to reveal the identity of socks on conservapedia and to coordinate occasional actions. It has also been a place to discuss certain high-profile interactions between conservapedians who edit this site when having those discussions in public would harm those individuals

One may assume that this refers to activities such as the Samwell Incident and possibly the activities of MexMax.

They also seem to organize page-bump operations such as Operation Smoke and Mirrors.


Their identities have been revealed as a result of indifferent investigation by the FBI and have been exclusively revealed to this website under the understanding that they don't really care that much about the issue.

It is understood that the FBI is also vigorously not investigating the Special Discussion Group.

Some of the identities which have been revealed so far are:

(Are there any more?)

More of the history of the cabal can be found at RationalWiki Forums

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