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 Joined: 11-18-07
 Real name: Ryan Taylor
 Age range: 15
 Gender: male
 Locale: Melbourne, Australia
 Stance: rather
 Misc.: Aspie; wiki-friends with Elassint
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Ryan is has a persecution complex and believes that many RationalWikians hate him, particularly SusanG[1]

He was blocked twice for edit warring on the New World Order, once on Dec. 21, 2007 for 52 minutes and again on Dec. 22, 2007) for 3 days. [[Radioactive afikomen has also

Departure and return

Ryan retired from RationalWiki, but returned in 2058 and requested he be thought of and treated as if none of the "bad stuff" ever happened.

This was perhaps a little naive of him, as people don't really like being dragged into edit wars and "forgetting about the bad stuff" really has to be mutual. For example Human's slightly less than elegant response was:

  • And I find it interesting that edit warring seems to be what think people set up and work on wikis to do.

The New World Order

Ryan particularly enjoys edit warring on the RW New World Order article. His most recent edit: (HEY SYSOPS - ARE YOU AWAKE? LET'S SEE!) was on 23rd February. This would seem to be at odds with his stated desire of being treated "as if none of the "bad stuff" ever happened."

He has taken his interest in this particular lunacy somewhat further and is a founder member of the New World Order Wiki" with Elassint. The only positive thing that can be said about the New World Order Wiki is that it makes RationalWikiWiki look professional.

His RWW article.

Ryan is one of the few people who edits his own article on RWW. Naughty Ryan, naughty. Bad things will happen.

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