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 Joined: 2-18-08
 Real name: n/a
 Age range: n/a
 Gender: male(?)
 Locale: n/a
 Stance: Christian (tolerant)
 Misc.: creationist(?)
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Ungtss only lasted for five days on RationalWiki,[1] but he is notable for touching off a small furor across several of its talk pages.

After making several edits that were interpreted as vaguely pro-creationist, the more reactionary editors became suspicious of his motives and he was accused of being a stealth creationist.[2][6] (Despite his supposed religious bent, Ungtss proved himself to both friendly and well-spoken,[3] and remained fairly calm throughout discussions.)

His edits instigated (*gasp!*) unfettered debate on several talk pages.[3] Despite Ungtss' amiability and openness, these discussions ended in a complete and magnificent failure of communication (despite the many big words utilized by both sides).

Things were pulled to a halt by PalMD, who was fed up with Ungtss and blocked him. The only justification he gave was "[I'm] capricious and cranky, so piss of".[4] NightFlare called foul and unblocked him.[4] PalMD reblocked Ungtss, this time with at least a token excuse ("Removing content from pages without discussion"). AKjeldsen unblocked him again ("Can't see having removed anything. Refs?"). PalMD, apparently unwilling to provide examples of Ungtss' transgressions, "tries to be nice" and blocks Ungtss -- again -- for 5 minutes.[4] Radioactive afikomen (who was evidently absent for PalMD's first two blocks) took issue with this last block and lectured PalMD on his talk page.[5]

Although there are currently no blocks in effect on Ungtss, the past blocks he received were more than enough to drive him away. He has not edited RationalWiki since February 19th, 2008. RationalWiki would not undergo any more non-one-sided debates until the arrival of CPAdmin1.

Notes and references

  1. User contributions Ungtss' first edit was on February 14th and his last February 19th.
  2. SusanG was first to accuse him.
  3. Relevant talk pages (all links lead to the first section on the page where a relevant post by Ungtss can be found): Talk:Non-materialist neuroscience, Talk:Logical positivism, Talk:Proving too much, Talk:Creationism, and Talk:Microevolution.
  4. Ungtss' block record.
  5. Radioactive afikomen lectures PalMD about his block.
  6. Later, in the aftermath, Human's comment sums up many RationalWikians' view of Ungtss' contributions.
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