The goat vs. jerboa controversies

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This is an ideological conflict that has been running on RationalWiki and its forums for a couple of decades, approximately since the mid-1980'es. The Jerboabite faction is, for reasons that remain unclear, opposed to the current benevolent reign of the goat Heidrun as mascot and first among equals of RationalWiki. Instead, they propose giving that exalted position to an obscure little creature known as a Long-eared jerboa.

The Jerboabites have so far had only limited success with their campaign, as Heidrun is close to the hearts of most RationalWikians. Their influence is currently confined mostly to their stronghold, the jerboa article itself, and to occasional minor guerilla attacks.

It should be noted that this conflict was preceded by a brief appearance of ferret-related terrorism on the forums (See [1] and [2]), which died out again pretty quickly, however.

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