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 Joined: 11-18-07
 Real name: Ryan Taylor
 Age range: 15
 Gender: male
 Locale: around Melbourne, Australia
 Stance: casual
 Misc.: Aspie; best friends with Elassint
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Ryan is minor member on RationalWiki. Most notable for being accused of colluding with Elassint to edit war over the New World Order article.

Departure and return

Ryan retired from RationalWiki, but returned on Feb. 19, 2007 and requested he be thought of and treated as if none of the "bad stuff" ever happened. This was perhaps a little naive of him, as people don't really like being dragged into edit wars and "forgetting about the bad stuff" really has to be mutual.

For example Human's slightly less than elegant response was:

And I find it interesting that edit warring seems to be what think people set up and work on wikis to do.

On RationalWikiWiki

Ryan is one of the few people on RationalWikiWiki who edits his own article. Bad boy, Ryan. Bad boy. No treat for you.

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