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Rationalwiki.info was an impressive, frequently-updated website dedicated to "The Truth" about RationalWiki. (OK, there may have been some slight exaggeration there.)

Originally the folks at RationalWiki thought it was a parody website, which led to multiple questions about who had created this wonderful piece of lulz. For some reason Conservapedia Sysop Karajou wanted the RationalWikians to take it down.

Its many well-designed pages had a wealth of detailed information about the formation of RationaWiki, several pages on its early days,a critique of its many goat recipes, a complete biography on every cabal member and much more information that all dedicated students of RationalWiki would have enjoyed.

It was created by a well-known ex-conservapedia sysop famous for his easy-going manner, ability to laugh at himself and charming personality.

The website was taken down sometime in mid February 2008 - so the cyberterrorists strike again!

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