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The RationalWiki social rank forms the true hierarchy on RationalWiki. Due to Human's and Pinto's penchant for handing out sysopships like candy, sysop status is not a reliable indicator of actual power or influence on RW, as on CP. They are also too small to have a complex official bureaucracy, such as on Wikipedia, and too determinedly anarchistic to want a complex unofficial bureaucracy, such as on Uncyclopedia or Conservapedia.

The purpose of this list is to document the degree of power, influence, and respect commanded, not only on official and technical matters but also on a day-to-day basis. While rather arbitrary, as all of these factors must be composited into one, this list does provide a fascinating glimpse at the inner workings of RationalWiki.

The list must not be taken too seriously however, as even level six members aren't necessarily able to control the site once it goes into Headless Chicken Mode.

Only those users on whom enough intelligence has been gathered are included on the list. Users are listed from highest to lowest.


The social ladder

Tier 7

This tier is reserved for goats.

Tier 6

The Gods of RationalWiki, these users command respect and influence above and beyond all the others. Note the prominence of the cabal members.

Tier 5

Tier 5 users command enormous amounts of respect and influence, though perhaps not as great as those of Tier 6

Tier 4

Tier 4 users are significant and respected, but not as much as tiers 5 and 6. Some are cabalists who are not as active as they once were. Others are newer but have reached a glass ceiling.

Tier 3

Tier 3 is somewhere between Tier 4 (see above) and Tier 2 (see below). Many of those listed here are among the walking dead.

Tier 2

These are editors who: (a) are active and making names for themselves; (b) were active but are now fading; or (c) are active, but because of their ambivalent attitude towards the site have difficulty progressing further.

Tier 1

Not quite on the bottom, these users are either so new they haven't had time to climb up the ladder or just aren't as interested in the site. Tier 1 is also default level for new editors.

Tier 0

The bottomdwellers of RW, these users are disrespected and disregarded, and often openly persecuted.

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