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RationalWikiWiki prohibits editing your own article. This is because, true to RationalWikiWiki's stated purpose of analyzing RationalWiki, many of the articles about individual editors will be critical and even outright negative. If RationalWikians were allowed to edit their own articles, their biases may drive them to tone down or remove such critical and negative material (subconsciously or not). In order to preserve the critical nature of these articles, RationalWikians are not allowed to edit their own article.

This policy also covers edits made by anonymous IPs which have the look and feel of edits made by the article's own subject. Such edits will be treated as though they were, in fact, made by the editor themselves.


Consequences of violating the rule

  • It might get you a block.
  • It might get your article protected.


If you don't like what has been said, or otherwise want to change your article, then please whine pathetically about it on the talk page.


Article does not exist

If you feel you are an important person on RationalWiki, but there is no article about you, you are allowed to create an article with the line "Please say something about me; I feel left out," or "I'm a masochist. I want you to write something nasty about me." or words to that effect. You may also pester FalseFlag or Hans Johnson to write it. If they ignore your request, you must not be that important :-)

Special invitation

If a RationalWikian has no article here, and not enough intelligence has been gathered on them to make an entry, an administrator may extend a special invitation to them on their RationalWiki talk page. The invitee has license to establish their own article, with the understanding that once the article is established, it will will be ruthlessly edited afterwards and the rule will come back in effect.

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