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 Real name: Ken DeMyer
 Age range: n/a
 Gender: male
 Locale: Buffalo, New York, United States
 Stance: Christian fundamentalist
 Misc.: compulsive gay-basher; obsessed with homosexuals and homosexuality; may have criminal record[1]
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Newton is a sock of Conservapedia sysop "Conservative". RationalWikians use his talk page to vent their frustrations with his behavior on Conservapedia (being unable to do so over there).

He is known for authoring dozens of articles about homosexuality on Conservapedia, and it is a running joke on RationalWiki that he is a repressed homosexual.

His user page on RationalWiki has loads of material about Nazism. People who read it are bound to ask �Is that guy a Nazi?� On the RationalWiki social ladder he ranks among the lowest of the low. He certainly has not the status of a dominant member of any master race. Yet he keeps crawling back to RationalWiki. Perhaps he's trying to show that evolution led to Nazism. See Social Effects of the Theory of Evolution. Christianity led to the Spanish Inquisition.

Notes and references

  1. Ken DeMyer on Intellius People Search.
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