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This is a list of active users on RationalWiki. Its goal is to ascertain the number of "regulars" on RW, with qualifiers added where necessary.

Names of sysops are bolded. This is to emphasize the unusually high ratio of sysops to normal users RationalWiki has.

Active users

Note: Qualifiers indicate only general trends.

  1. AKjeldsen (daily)
  2. AmesG (daily)
  3. Barbara Shack (almost daily)
  4. Barikada (sometimes; at least weekly)
  5. Bayes (weekly)
  6. Bob M (every couple days)
  7. Brianetta
  8. Cracker (sometimes)
  9. Dark Matter Glaucopis (recent, fairly active)
  10. DickTurpis (almost daily)
  11. Doggedpersistence (daily)
  12. Edgerunner76 (weekly)
  13. Editor at CP (almost daily)
  14. Electrified mocha chinchilla (weekly)
  15. Genghis Khant (daily)
  16. Gnusmas (?)
  17. Gulik (sometimes; every week or so)
  18. Human (daily)
  19. Icewedge (sometimes)
  20. Interpreted
  21. Jeeves
  22. Kels (sometimes; at least every few days)
  23. Lily The Pink (new, but active)
  24. Linus (often "behind the scenes", breaking the wiki plotting evil tech)
  25. Lurker (sometimes; rarely nowadays)
  26. Masterbratac
  27. NightFlare (almost daily)
  28. PalMD (between rounds and igloo building)
  29. PFoster (fairly regular)
  30. Pinto's5150 (daily)
  31. PoorEd (every couple days)
  32. Pretzel (ever few days)
  33. Radioactive afikomen (daily and for several hours and as several puppets)
  34. Ryan (all day weekends, as much as possible on school days, rarely edits however)
  35. Secret Squirrel (almost daily)
  36. Shagie (every couple days)
  37. Sid (daily)
  38. Spica (sporadic)
  39. Sterile (weekly)
  40. Stile4aly (sometimes; at least weekly)
  41. SusanG (daily)
  42. Thunderkatz (sometimes)
  43. Timppeli (recent return)
  44. TmtamesP (doesn't "contribute", just harasses and starts "mass debating")
  45. Tmtoulouse (sometimes)
  46. Uchiha (every few days)
  47. WJThomas
Editor's note: Please add more.

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