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 Joined: Creation Day
 Real name: Linus M___
 Age range: late teens
 Gender: male
 Locale: n/a
 Stance: liberal Christian (highly tolerant)
 Misc.: resident techie
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Linus is an established RationalWiki member whose user page claims to be the first created on RW (RWAdmin disputed this, however[1]). He well known for his software skills if not for common sense, which probably explains his prominence in the non-existent FBI investigation. He is probably one of the cabal members.

He is responsible for the creation of the RationalWiki Forums where many believe the cabal is hidden.

His reputation as an evil software genius took something of a blow following the Broken Wiki Incident.

Notes and references

  1. RWAdmin's asserted this here. However, it must be noted that XXAdmin is a "first user" and bureaucrat automatically created by the software when a wiki is set up to bootstrap the sysop/bureaucrat demotion process.
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