Kip the Dip

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 Real name:
 Age range:
 Gender: male
 Stance: Very Christian.
 Misc.: Wants to be pastor.
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A member of RationalWiki for a short time. Notable only for sparking the Kip the Dip Incident.

Kip the Dip is also a prominent member of Uncyclopedia; he attributed his behaviour at RationalWiki to being "extremely stressed out about his situation there". This may or may not have been the main reason for his "departure" and, subsequently, the aforementioned incident.

It is suspected, in the aftermath, that poor KtD was drugged and dragged over to RW by his alleged "friends" at UC, in order to expose him (poor guy) to some corners of the site that exhibit militant atheism (meaning, SusanG's contributions to talk pages and, perhaps, Barbara Shack's articles).

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