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HeartOfGold is the thirty second user who appeared in the user creation logs and is most certainly not one of the cabal members.

HOG (as he is known to his friends) contributed many informative essays to RW and built up a network of friends as a consequence of his constructive edits and winning argumentative style. He was eventually rewarded by being made a sysop.

Unfortunately some misunderstandings, edit wars, insults, inappropriate blocks and an insistence that the Tower of Babel represented a real historical event eventually led to his losing this exalted position.

Upon losing his sysop title he abandoned the wiki. Some time later he expressed a desire to return to the Wiki but only on the condition that he be made sysop again. Those who remembered his previous stint were most backward in coming forward in his support and, in the absence of a sysop position, he absented himself as well.

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