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A goat, in all its majestic awesomeness.

The goat is RationalWiki's principle mascot, although it comes under periodic assaults from wannabe up-and-comers.

Although the first article on goats is known to have appeared on RationalWiki as early as 1793, the precise origins of this fondness of goats among RationalWikians is lost to the mists of time. However, one theory states that it is probably related to the expression "goatspeed", which was common among certain RationalWikians during the mid-19th century. This was in turn, of course, a snarky rewrite of the Schlaflyism "Godspeed".

By the first half of the 20th century, this veneration had been further refined through the adoption of the goat Heidrun as official mascot of RationalWiki.

Only in the very last decades of the 20th century has Heidrun's position been challenged by certain supporters of ferrets and jerboas, respectively. These challengers have so far been unsuccessful, however.

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