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 Joined: 5-22-2007[1]
 Real name: Robert[2]
 Age range: very old in the prime of life
 Gender: male
 Locale: Europe (Spain?)
 Stance: atheist (moderate to strong, but mature about it)
 Misc.: n/a
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Bob M is the twentieth user who appeared in the user creation logs on Creation Day, and is probably one of the cabal members. He was quite active at the start of the wiki but now seems to spend most of his time on talk pages arguing about details.

Bob M was sysoped on Sept. 2, 2007 and bureaucratized Nov. 19, 2007.[3] He made a somewhat low-key disappearance on Jan. 30, 2008, to participate in something called "real life". He relinquished his sysop and bureaucrat powers at the same time.[3] He returned Feb. 13, 2008 but did not have his powers restored.[3]

Notes and references

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  2. Come on, everyone knows "Bob" is short for Robert.
  3. User rights log for Bob M.
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